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FOR SALE! 52 & 54 Bicknell Street Dorchester, MA 02121

Lot Zoned for 3 family home for Sale 52 Bicknell Street Dorchester, MA 02121

11 8th St Unit 1, Cambridge, MA 02141

11 8th St Unit #2, Cambridge, MA 02141

Mass Ave Penthouse 2 Beds, 1 Bath Avail September 1st, 2015 (South End)

SOLD $165,000 CASH - 20 Heaths Court - Unit 308 Lynn, MA 01905

SOLD!!! $110,000 - 20 Heaths Court Unit 303 Lynn, MA 01905

16 Downer Ct, Boston, MA : 02122 - Unit A - OFF MARKET